Welcome to my new and experimental blog/website, fellow humans! Yes, it took a global pandemic for me to wake up and get started, but I figured if not now then I may never.“

About me –

As a person who is sometimes happy, sometimes not, often right, sometimes not, often kind, rarely not, talkative yet tolerable, curious and creative, passionate and prudent, yet impulsive and stupid (at times), crazy and comical, logical and analytical, lazy yet hardworking, emotional, empathetic and loving, I might be a paradox in myself. But aren’t we all?

I am too trusting of others sometimes, but doubtful of myself often times (working on that); confident (yet shy), bright, colourful, quirky and good-hearted, some would say. Angry and agitated if anyone is wronged, sweet and generous at all other times. Evolving primates we all are. Learning yet faltering, but will never stop striving! Sharing and exchanging should never stop for any of us (I hope). An optimistic realist is what I’d call myself.

What is the cause of this paradox? Let’s just say that we are all subject to some abuse in our lives, some earlier than the rest, some more than the others. When it’s the former, it messes with the wiring in our brains quite a bit for too long, and you won’t even know what hit. I am lucky enough to have had good support in family and friends with time, which encouraged me to really understand the deep-seated impact it had had, though it took more time than I would have liked, because I reduced it to something minor, meaning of less gravity, because I knew of others having it worse. Imagine the world we live in, where strife and abuse are so commonplace that we don’t recognise/understand the impact of early conflicts, and decide for ourselves that ours compared to another’s is something small. Is it societal stigma or plain stupidity that then leads to the passivity and excessive tolerance for wrongs, even when we have the resources to heal? Why compare your struggles or your path with another’s at all if you truly want to help yourself? If this were the case with me, with a relatively “privileged” background, I can’t even begin to imagine the situations that others have been or are still in. Some clearly judged the repercussions of it along the way; well, if they had to, they were never truly friends / well-wishers to begin with; good humans wouldn’t judge, but selfish, hurting or ignorant bigots would. Important to recognise the impact of abuse/conflict/strife so as to help heal ourselves with time and not cause harm to one’s self or anyone else anymore.

If you’re mean to me, I will be mean to you; if you’re nice to me, I will be nothing but nice to you and will go an extra mile for you, irrespective of your age. You reap what you sow!

But if you are neither especially mean or nice, I would still be nice. There is a lesson to learn / something new to gain in everything and from everyone I truly believe. Be fair so you can share and openminded so you can learn! 🙂

What I most enjoy?

Love food (primarily eating, but also baking and sometimes cooking), water, sleep, travel, nature, animals and kind humans. Passions are aplenty – Reading, talking, learning, understanding, writing, helping, educating and entertaining (& of course, being entertained as also treated well).

Fiction before (escaping from reality), but fact now (taking stock of reality).

I like to stand up for what’s right, as we all should. But sometimes (read: rarely), I unintentionally end up being the wrong-doer (slow to process & understand implications of my actions at times; much more aware now); I can be influenced & influence easily – working on it to only be positively either way.

Also enjoy photography, philosophy, psychology, law, arts, math and science (read: everything under the sun).

What’s my advocating style?

I am currently a litigating lawyer who advises her clients to try settling civil disputes as far as possible, involving a bit of compromise on both sides but a whole lot of peace (alternative dispute resolution). But if justice is truly on your side and the other party is being unkind, or if both parties are incapable of budging and setting aside their egos, then nothing can be done but fight.

If someone is being wronged and the other side has misused his bargaining power and/or position, then I have no fear in taking them on.

If a party’s interest and consequent claims are bonafide, then he should very much take legal recourse to agitate his/her/their rights. It is important to take stock of both sides’ cases to make one’s own informed opinion of the reality behind, irrespective of what you are told.

What are my strong-suits?

An advocate of justice & equality, an amateur photographer, a decent baker & cook, an aspiring writer and a wanna-be singer & voice artist. I also dabble in sketching on and off.

I don’t like to discriminate amongst “classes”; I can communicate and connect easily with people of any age and background, thanks to the goodness in empathy and non-judgment.

A critical thinker who likes to analyse hard facts & data based on both sound logic and emotion (as far as is necessary). I like to view situations and problems from a more holistic and deeper perspective than most.

Like to laugh at myself first so as to be okay with anyone else laughing at or mocking me. 🙂

What are my weaknesses? (That I know I have to keep working on, one at a time)

In my quest to help and be kind to all, I sometimes lose track of who and what’s good for me.

My occasional indecisiveness and drive to pursue all my ambitions may have led to my being a jack of all trades, but master of none (read: some), till I can learn to focus on any one.

What do I intend to post here?

Opinions, Stories, Personal Essays, Photographs, Motivational Quotes, Life Advice, etc.;

Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment, Art, Society/Polity, Humanity, Philosophy & Psychology related.

I am open to suggestions as to topics of interest to any and all of you.

Why publicly?

Because I keep collecting & hoarding information and knowledge, which soon escapes my conscious mind i.e. if I don’t communicate it soon enough. Better to think, know and share than to not. Figured if it can be of help to anyone at all, why let any of it go to waste anymore?

My aim

Create awareness amongst all, encourage others to do good, achieve peace and a hopefully better world. No easy feat, but life wasn’t meant to be easy if it were to be lived well.

Feel free to read and share. I also hope to improve my writing skills and what better way to be encouraged than a public platform to better structure and put forth my thoughts & views. Any positive or negative appreciation or critiquing is welcome!

Remember that half-information and semi-understanding is even more dangerous than total ignorance. So if any of you have any doubts / concerns, please feel free to reach out to me and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you to one and all!

Born a Catholic, choosing to be a human first; I am grateful for the upbringing, given the kind virtues & basic philosophies that form the basis of any religion.

The rest is on each one of us.

Imp. for all to speak up about conflicts/sufferings/abuse so as to healthily deal with the same. All one can truly control is one’s own mind (and consequent actions).

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Lawyer by Profession, Human at Heart, Funny in Mannerisms

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