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Perspective #3 for the win

(Read with an Open & Willing Heart <3)

Dear Humans,

When will we stop discriminating based on caste, creed, colour, religion, gender, race, profession, etc.? When will we stop stereotyping, generalising & propagating hate? When will we stop glorifying a few while shamelessly bashing others? CoVID clearly does not, but humans still do. Will we ever learn? If not now, then when?

It is high time we STOP deviating to speculation on and/or spreading of possible conspiracies and propagandas without sufficient proof (which incidentally continues to incite hate, negativity & unrest amongst people, whether consciously or not), let alone “reasons” to justify it; and START sharing peace, positivity & knowledge (to avoid panic & hatred). Otherwise, it is truly unfortunate that we are as educated as we are. Yes, no one is an exception to this, I will admit. But since we all know the magnitude of the pandemic & the bigger issues threatening mankind, is it not time to reshuffle our priorities so as to not continue to condone the oppression, hate & bigotry?

Sure, it may have been an act of biological warfare, or it wasn’t. Does that really matter in combating it? Irrespective of whether it was caused by man or not, the solution is one.  To focus on mankind’s health and safety, as we should always have.  The focus should be on ways to survive and subsequently thrive, which is to unite, be kind and defend mankind as a whole (to live a better life), and not to unite and hate. 

Would focusing on hating China (or their Govt.) and making them pay make everything okay? Would we become better human beings? Would the virus disappear into thin air? Would the planet beg us to keep living on it and destroying it? Don’t you think it would have happened sooner or later anyway with the way we continue with our greedy & selfish ways? Isn’t it anyway time to focus on what is really important? Do you think going against communism or democracy is the answer? 

However, if ANY of you think that uniting to defend mankind and the planet we live on shouldn’t be your focus even now, then I’m sorry I am going to politely disagree. It is time we try & rethink our perspective and seek help, if necessary, for any semblance of a peaceful coexistence.

Because otherwise, it won’t be the new coronavirus that brings an end to our kind, it will be our own continuing lack of humanity. Communal tensions and riots, religious wars, caste discrimination, blanket stereotypes & bad judgment, colonialism, classism, jingoism, territorialism, terrorism, and other crimes against humanity such as murder, suicide, rape, child abuse, sexual abuse, corruption, etc. – are all byproducts of abusive power play (abuse of one’s position causing ill effects in another’s life), most likely due to not dealing healthily with previous abuse or suffering. These issues, clubbed with a lack of awareness & help (causing more pain, ignorance or helplessness), have claimed more lives (and caused more harm) in our world than any disease ever has.

As for the doctors & healthcare workers and all others trying to positively help in such trying times, we are all grateful to you for your selfless service. Request everyone to refrain from engaging in any form of negativity for the sake of these kind souls. My condolences to all who have lost their loved ones be it to disease or oppression by man.

Please take good care of yourselves. Be grateful for what you have (a roof over your heads & families to turn towards). Let us take care of ourselves & those less fortunate around (including the environment; though it is doing a fine job without being abused presently, this duty does not end with quarantine).  If that isn’t sufficient to do & you want to do more, please channelise your energy in trying to encourage good & fight the system from the outside (because from the inside is going to be much tougher). If fighting for social justice is not your preferred cause even now, please reconsider your ideologies. Kindly take this in good stride, despite the fact that I might be younger than most of you; I mean well.

If it is about taking positive / proactive actions, and not being reactive, then by all means, continue to share, but if it is to ignite negativity to no good end, then please don’t. We have more than enough people in the world doing that. This is not going to solve anything or help anyone, nor is any half-information. 

If not, kindly consider that you may not be any better than the people in power (trying to stay in power by propagating all they need to stay in power) uniting the people in hating a common enemy. Stop being/becoming pawns to the privileged in power. Any classification is made to better understand & achieve equality, not cause more inequality.

There is only one issue, just one, endangering mankind as a whole.  It is the fact that we still don’t want to embrace sustainable living for all and just be kinder to people. Even today we are not fighting to survive on this planet, we fight because we still don’t know any better (time to focus on improving the present and the future). Innocent lives are sure to be lost if more hate is propagated at the rate at which it presently is.

I don’t mean this to be a dampener on everyone’s spirit, just the opposite; we need to channel our energy for good, stay positive, overcome/beat the simmering negativity in the majority. So if you have verified information to share which is going to be helpful for all (medically, legally, socially, economically, psychologically, etc.), please continue to share and discuss, if not please try keeping it to yourselves and let it go. 

If even today we don’t understand that the planet doesn’t need us but we indeed need it, it is high time we do. It is imperative to recognize the need to treat our kind and our environment better to survive, let alone thrive.

Awareness, kindness & common sense are the need of the hour, and will always be, to enable peaceful coexistence.

To jog your probably overburdened memories, we already had an epidemic caused by a coronavirus (SARS-CoV) affecting 26 countries back in 2002-2003. It was a disease caused by an earlier strain / pathogen of coronavirus. Several research papers & articles were written[1], and opinions were sounded about how the world is not equipped to fight a pandemic of such a nature if and when it hits again (not having the resources till date). Yet, NONE of the Govts. took heed till March, 2020 despite strong opposition (not even strict screening at airports, despite knowing of SARS- CoV (CoVID-19 disease) since 31st December, 2019, or say January, 2020 when it was declared an emergency of global concern by the WHO, & then a pandemic), when in fact Govt. actions in respect of health and safety could & should have started back in 2003, or for that matter, this January.

In Kerala, India in 2018 (West Bengal in 2001 & 2007), a virus by the name of Nipah (originating from fruit bats in the area) claimed the lives of 16 out of 18 cases in 1 district (high fatality rate), but the State Govt.’s strategy & response were exceptional as they called upon WHO, Centre, etc. to obtain & utilise all necessary resources, including early awareness & contact tracing, to successfully contain human-to-human transmission in no time (first case on 19th May, 2018, contained within 3 weeks thereafter, & after due precaution, tracing & testing, marked it closed by July, 2018).

I am excluding the other epidemics of the 21st century, like Ebola, MERS CoV, Zika virus & Swine flu (all zoonotic diseases like CoVID-19), but the point remains that we do not take early or proactive action (despite constant warnings from the universe), and wait until things start to go out of hand. Why then should we only blame the WHO and/or China?

It is easy to attribute blame to someone else, but we as people are still egoistic to accept any fault on our own parts. It was known early on that the new strain is deadly and would grow exponentially if strict action and awareness were not adopted as the right means to combat it. Yet, we compliment the government who took earlier action than the others as “early” and take solace in just that fact. Does that make it early, let alone sufficient, by itself given its known ability to super-spread especially in highly densely populated nations? Do our duties, as relatively privileged citizens, end with simply staying home? The lockdown is essentially for the Governments to arrange for more medical resources & facilities for our near & far future, especially for the aged, the immunocompromised and the poor. Are they doing that? Are we doing enough to facilitate that from our homes?

The Chinese Govt. (and the other people in power i.e. the people having money & control) may have done whatever they did to acquire economic and political power in the past (UK, Russia, America, India, Pakistan, etc. are no less). Does that mean their people are not suffering in today’s day & age? Does that mean their population, whom this “communist” government supports, is not depleting majorly? Did their manufacturing of cheap quality stuff while running sweat-shops all over since long really come as a surprise to you? Should we really hold that prejudice against all of the Chinese? When we condoned it for so long just to save a quick buck. So no matter what most of us believe, it is still what the people in power somewhere in the world wants us & have led us to believe. Not really what we have arrived at on our own volition, based on verified facts, common sense and logical deductions.

Shouldn’t we, in any case, have stricter testing standards and penalty provisions for ensuring import of quality products from anywhere, let alone China? Let’s not forget we can put our own population to work towards upping production capacities for most requisite products with time and care.

Let us stop condoning intentional offences like murder, rape & abuse by anyone, much less discrimination, bribery & corruption simply because that’s how the “system” works!

Similarly, terrorism or acts/words inciting hate & violence at the behest of radicals/extremists, in the name of “religion”, “nationalism” or “public interest”, in any country is plain wrong, despite any pseudo-intellectual justification attempted by anyone. The ones responsible are the leaders as well as those openly advocating the same from wherever, be it public offices, quarters, elsewhere in public or their homes, via any form of media (political, social, print, television media or otherwise), all of whom ought to be condemned and punished under the law, if not ready to voluntarily atone. If a majority of us, peace-loving citizens, continue the passivity, they will be sure to continue the negativity. They still are, from the comforts of their homes. Let us use our positivity & better sense to overcome the negativity.

These are real tough times but we have a long way to go. Let us all work together, not fight each other anymore. Each of us owe a certain duty of care & responsibility, as a human & as a citizen of our respective nations, to ourselves and those around. Have we as individuals been doing all that is required of us to do justice to the intended spirit of a true democracy (sound opposition)? It is not possible to achieve the same if all we do is the bare minimum i.e. vote & pay taxes without a care beyond (at max). Haven’t we taken our duties & the concept of equality too lightly? It does not excuse any fault on the part of public officers, as they certainly owe a higher duty of care to not abuse their position of power and privilege, but let us simultaneously start doing our duties too.

Thank you, my sincere apologies for the length of this message.

Stay safe, stay aware! Stay home but try to do more.

Ask for accountability; dissent for democracy!

Sending much love & positivity your way!  🙂

A fellow Human inhabitant of Mother Earth,

Nikita J.

(Advocate by Profession, Human at Heart)


P.S.: To all of you safe and privileged enough to stay home, please try to spread peace and not panic. Please try and find ways to constructively come up with strategic solutions to resume a safer and healthier lifestyle for ALL, without causing more harm to anyone’s livelihood (let alone their lives). Let us take back control of the one & only thing we can best control, our own minds, by using the best resources at our disposal, given the digital age we live in, to both heal and help. As we all know, awareness is merely the first step.

Note to fellow Indian citizens:- Does it not bother you that the Defence Minister is on the PM Cares’ Fund’s Board of Trustees and not the Health Minister? Do we plan to kill the virus with missiles? Does it not bother you that after contributions were primarily invited and made to the PM Cares’ Fund, all of the responsibilities were put on the State Govts (and the citizens), yet the MCA has released an “FAQ” (General Circular No. 15/2020) clarifying that there is no CSR credit for contributions to the State Govt relief funds? Though Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 clearly covers all such disaster management funds. And what kind of transparency and awareness are you expecting from our present Govts. which continue to deny community transmission even at this stage and refuse to increase testing considerably (in an obvious effort to thwart their liabilities to arrange for resources)? Aren’t their jingoistic & fascistic practices still not evident from the lack of planning and good governance? With minimal focus on saving the most affected and treating them well, let alone on reviving the economy (no stimulus package). Need I say more?

To be misinformed and misguided in these unprecedented times is easy, but let us put our minds to better use and take cognizance of what is needed of us to come together as one.


As Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (born a Hindu, died a Buddhist) rightly said:    

“Indifferentism is the worst kind of disease that can affect people.”


To conclude, I would like to summarise it as such

Choose to contribute to a Better world over a Bitter world.

Better to know than to not. Better to consciously help than to harm.

Hope and encourage but don’t expect only good from others.

The present reality is a part of all our lives.

We will get through this, provided we positively work together.

Empathise to be able to understand another’s perspective and try to help, provided the person is willing (without judgment).

Equality is not to be misunderstood to suit only one’s limited perspective & is to be achieved without threatening mankind’s peace.

Embrace change and respect that differences are a result of one’s own varying experiences & takeaways. To stereotype / judge is plain wrong.

If you don’t know how to help yourself or others (positively), seek help.

Condoning abuse (tolerating intolerance) today will invite more abuse (violence or intolerance) tomorrow – The Paradox of Intolerance.


Reminder to all:      Whether CoVID positive or not, it is important for us to stay calm, hopeful & positive and do all that is necessary to preserve our health, both mental and physical. No virus (or man) is by itself life-threatening if timely care and caution is taken. Stress triggers viral outbreaks. Let us always remember this & take care of ourselves better. 🙂

If anyone is willing to read a much more expansive version of this message/open letter (an in-detail consolidation of my views) delving deep, please reach out by mail at You are also welcome to suggest any new topic/s of interest to you and I shall be sure to consider the same (research in detail) to send you my view and see what else I can do. If anyone needs an ear (for me to hear), then too I am here.

[1] One such article of 2004 –

Tips of the day:

Increase Vitamin C uptake (Daily supplements 1000 – 2000 mg.), Vitamin D (especially because of less sun exposure) and Anti-oxidant rich foods & supplements containing Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Beta-carotene, Vitamins B6 & B12, etc. to keep your immunity up. Please consult a doctor to decide on a suitable dosage (if in supplement form) for you. Wash hands regularly, keep mouth & nose covered (in enclosed spaces & in public) to reduce viral load intake, take the aid of steam, saline nasal spray and (hot water) saline gargle to flush your nasal and/or throat passages & cavities. If you feel the onset of symptoms (due to any respiratory viral infection), keep drinking hot water to raise your body temperature yourself, so as to stop the virus from replicating & buy time for your immune system to produce antibodies (according to Dr. P.P. Devan). Stress less and spread awareness to live better. This is not the end; unlike this post. Finally, you must be thinking. Haha. Thank you to all who have had the patience to read till the end! 🙂

An unintended & unexpected (but highly welcome) refraction on the floor.

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7 thoughts on “Broader Human Perspective – CoVID Times

  1. Congratulations on getting your new blog published . You have written an excellent blog and the chosen subject about “ Broader Human Perspective “ was a good topic to be discussed at this juncture . Nevertheless, you must have done a wheelbarrow- full of research .
    I guess this means we will be seeing more of you in the print media from now on .
    Best wishes in your endeavours. I hope to see more your work in the future .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The blog is, as you accepted, very long. So I didn’t have the patience to read it in full. However under the assumption that it’s regarding covid 19 and how to manage it, my thoughts, which you may find too simple are as follows.
    Enough is enough with regard to lock down and containment. All restrictions should be immediately lifted. We can’t conquer death. Let people’s lives go on. We’ll meet death when it comes calling.
    Ps. Next time when you write about something, try to keep it short and sweet.


    1. Think you may have missed the crux entirely, ‘cause admittedly you didn’t read it in full.
      No thought is too simple, so I do hear you and appreciate you writing to me. 😊

      I’m simply saying it’s time we treat our own kind and environment better. To appreciate the issues affecting mankind, atleast now that there is a common link for all.

      Here is a broken down version of it; still a bit long, sorry, only because the topic is such –

      My post isn’t on how to manage your time at home during a lockdown (assuming you have the comfort of a home and a supportive family). It’s about us recognising the comforts we do in fact have (unlike more than 1/3rd of our 1.3 bn people in India alone) as also our duties as citizens. Doesn’t end with having a job, paying taxes and simply voting for someone or the other.

      It is about our lack of empathy for the lesser privileged, for anyone on a different path from us. It is about the Govt’s lack of care, planning and awareness, especially for the sick, the poor, the caregivers, MSMEs, day to day earners, etc. because of the majority citizens’ indifference to public affairs in the past, despite being relatively privileged/educated.
      This has led to not so kind men ruling our countries and several of us involuntarily believing anything we are told/fed by the rich and the people in power (political or media). So many are still suffering so much.
      That it’s the past passivity (read: indifference) and failure to understand (to improve plight of mankind), which leads to core issues either being politicised or sidelined at the behest of the people in power and to extremist sides being created.
      That leads to corruption going unnoticed and even gets condoned by the majority; the rich / privileged get away with crimes even today. Haven’t most people bribed an officer though for minor offences? Simply because it’s easier?

      That the abuse (of any form of Govt) can and will continue if we the citizens don’t speak up & be more proactive to help others, officially and personally. That we don’t realise how we’re abusing our privileges & freedoms, despite the digital era we live in giving us the resources to do better than the past generations (not to mention, to fight the ill effects of patriarchy).

      I understand that our attention span is ever on the decline and that is also due to the excess availability of info at our fingertips. But it is on each of us to ensure we verify information before we pass it on to others. And be weary of disclaimers.

      Coronaviruses affect all. But the rich and the healthy can easily be treated; the poor, the sick and the old not so much.
      So do understand the purpose of the lockdown is not to somehow conquer death, but to consider the plight of the poor especially in densely populated cities & towns (both before and after CoVID19 struck).

      The dense population, crowded public transport and the abject poverty of most in our country clubbed with limited medical resources (despite having the manpower & abilities for more) mandated a lockdown (due to a lack of focus on both mental and physical health in the past by the Govt and the people). That the lockdown is in fact to think and care better, create more awareness for all strata of society and arrange for resources especially for the poor, the weak and the old.

      As to conquering death, no one is trying to beat their death here. No one can. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to minimise the causes for it – given the known contagiousness of CoVID. We are simply trying to find ways to minimise the spread early on so as to spread awareness, arrange more resources and preserve our people till such time. So we don’t all fall sick all at once, so as to not exhaust our limited resources in 1 go, let alone burden and risk our Doctors & healthcare workers any further, who are all overburdened & understocked (despite the length of this lockdown so far). Everyone is new to this particular pandemic, so there is either minimal planning or limited measures being adopted so far across Govts, at the cost of humans / common folks.

      Just hoping for all of us to wake up today to work for a kinder and better tomorrow to survive 🙂

      As for your advice as to writing more concisely in the future, I’ll keep that in mind and will try my very best to, so thank you!
      Some topics, however, are more sensitive & important, and may need to be dealt with comprehensively, but feel free to message me when you want a shorter version of any such post too. I do intend to make summary and long versions from now. Take care, stay aware and stay healthy as far as possible. Long way to go, lot more to do! 🙂
      Hope you keep reading and writing! 😊


      1. The reply got longer than intended. Will keep a word limit for myself next time. Cheers!
        Have mentioned certain health tips and summarised my points in quotes at the bottom end, in case you haven’t read it yet. Thanks for writing in! 🙂


  3. Very brilliantly written about the current scenario. Congratulations Nikita for this. You have a long way to go. This can be an eye opener for lots of people.

    Liked by 1 person

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