A Tribute to Tagore

Today marks Rabindranath Tagore’s 159th Birth Anniversary as per the Bengali calendar, yesterday (07.05.2020) as per the Gregorian calendar.

A traveller at heart, a kind & honest man by nature, a creative intellectual overall; the first non-European Nobel Laureate in Literature, and a man of many passions till the very end!

Truly a luminary; coincidentally, a contemporary of Einstein, amongst many others! He very well understood the lasting ill effects of worship, idolatry and extreme nationalism/jingoism, but never lost faith in humanity and its ability to overcome it!

As Tagore aptly put it, “Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

Please find below the link to a reading of ‘Kabuliwallah’ – a beautiful short story by Rabindranath Tagore – brought to you by Juggernaut Books and Hindustan Times by their #OneStoryOneNation Readathon (18 voices, 18 parts) 😄

https://youtu.be/C3cZFJEFgs4 — Kabuliwallah is a beautiful story reflecting the possibilities of love, generosity, friendship and empathy between & amongst people of different ages & diverse backgrounds, but only if we are willing to open our minds a bit more (to notice the commonalities), and forgive ourselves and others for any past transgressions and bad judgments. To truly become better than we were yesterday.

Humbled to be reading Part 6, alongside the likes of present time luminaries; Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Rahul Dravid, Omar Abdullah, Retd. Lt. Gen. Satish Dua, Barkha Dutt, Twinkle Khanna, Sabyasachi, to name a few. Grateful to the lovely people at Juggernaut Books & Hindustan Times for organising the same, given the new and necessary norms of social distancing and/or lockdowns of 2020! The difficulties that we face, as humans, aren’t going to end today or even tomorrow, especially if we don’t individually and collectively work on our attitudes for the better.

Special thank you to Dr. Tharoor, whose post, kickstarting the same on Twitter, brought it to my notice and encouraged me to participate. 😊 Though Twitter might have become a handle for propagating hate and bigotry especially in recent times, it has not lost its ability to be used to promote peace and positive actions. Peaceful protests and expressions of honest dissent are a necessary corollary for maintaining a democracy as one, don’t forget!

Though the point of this initiative is to calm, boost morale and unite Indians whilst having to stay apart in trying times like these (to help alleviate anxiety, limit spread and attempt easier administration of justice in our nation), we must not get lost in the frills and forget that we are united (world over) by our struggles as humans (despite varying degrees), first and foremost. That though death for one and all is inevitable, we must do all that is necessary to live and breathe better as time goes by. To progress, not regress, by expanding our own capacities to achieve not an idealistic society, but a kinder and better thinking one.

We are all capable of love, though in different capacities, and that is truly okay. Let us not be dejected by a lack of perfection as humans, no one is, no one has been. Our willingness to look ahead and ability to think better & evolve matters, despite everything!

#unityindiversity #empathy #kindness #inclusion #humanity #donthate #dontjudge #appreciatedifferences

Read #fiction to escape (yet understand) reality and #facts to take stock of reality 😄

Speak and/or write to better channel how & what you feel 😊

Awareness + (Positive) Action can & will bring change. 🙂

Yes, life may not be the best even as a privileged human! But let’s try to empathise with and help the ones who are most affected by the pandemic – especially the ones who are poor & hardworking, sick and/or purely panic stricken. Let us remember the healthcare workers, the public officers and all other volunteers who are living a life of true & honest service. Let us take stock of the plight of the people who have been facing strife all their lives simply because of the area, family, gender, community, race or religion/creed they were born into and try to ease their pain and panic, instead of piling on to the same.

Let us stop discounting the importance of good mental, let alone physical, health. Appreciate and understand that it’s a difficult process for one and all. Let us try and stop the abused from involuntarily becoming the abusers. As we all know, awareness is merely the first step, but build awareness and break down stigmas we must! Though we often fail to be kind and considerate to the ones we love the most, but try we must; the ones who truly love you will understand why you do what you do.

Our goal ought to be to unite, be kind and defend mankind (always)! ✊

#Humanity over jingoistic #Nationalism! Love over hate! Peace over violence! ❤️

Better one’s beliefs to better one’s choices! Don’t allow the bad thoughts and actions of yesterday prevent better thoughts and actions for tomorrow!

As my one school motto said “Semper Ascendens” (Latin for Always Ascending / Ever Higher), but let that never be at the cost of Humanity.

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

– The much learned & revered Rabindranath Tagore

Our paths may appear as tough or as intriguing as this (depending on perspective);
but so long as the roots are being well tended to and we keep at it, onwards and upwards we will go!

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