A Tribute to Tagore

Today marks Rabindranath Tagore‚Äôs 159th Birth Anniversary as per the Bengali calendar, yesterday (07.05.2020) as per the Gregorian calendar. A traveller at heart, a kind & honest man by nature, a creative intellectual overall; the first non-European Nobel Laureate in Literature, and a man of many passions till the very end! Truly a luminary; coincidentally,Continue reading “A Tribute to Tagore”

Broader Human Perspective – CoVID Times

Aiming to achieve a 20/20 vision for all that matters in 2020 and beyond! (Read with an Open & Willing Heart <3) Dear Humans, When will we stop discriminating based on caste, creed, colour, religion, gender, race, profession, etc.? When will we stop stereotyping, generalising & propagating hate? When will we stop glorifying a fewContinue reading “Broader Human Perspective – CoVID Times”


Welcome to my new and experimental blog/website, fellow humans! Yes, it took a global pandemic for me to wake up and get started, but I figured if not now then I may never.“ About me – As a person who is sometimes happy, sometimes not, often right, sometimes not, often kind, rarely not, talkative yetContinue reading “Introduction”

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